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Reporters Danny and Luke shared…..

     This week we did many fun things.For example our class started a new shared reading book called Big George. This book was about how George Washington played a big role in the Revolutionary War.In the book, our class learned how big of a character change George Washington had.

   Also our class started book clubs.Book clubs are more independent than guided reading.For example, in book clubs we don’t start off with prompts. Also we have focus questions which helps us focus on the text a lot more. In book clubs our class has to be more responsible because we have to make sure that we come to book clubs prepared. Or else book clubs will not be fun. And we want book clubs to be fun!

   In read aloud we are reading Alabama Moon. The book is about a kid named Moon who grew up in the forest. His pap(dad) hates the government. But we do not know why his pap hates the government so much. In the book right now, Moon has escaped a prison for troubled boys with two friends, Hal, and Kit. They have to survive in the forest with a knife, and all the resources in the forest. They are on a journey to Alaska. Though Alabama is one of the farthest states away from Alaska.

   In history, our class has been working on a road map to independence. This project that we are working on, helps our class understand the struggles and stages of the Revolutionary War. This project makes our class think deeper into the Revolutionary war.

   Our class had a assembly that was called, “the Wheel of Wisdom.” This game was like a game of trivia because you had to answer a variety of questions. It was super fun and entertaining. There were three  teams of two, and a couple of wheel spinners.

   This week was so fun and cool. I hope that next week will be just as good!


Kailey and Anna

Students In The News

by: Anna Roberts and Kailey Dittrich


What a week we had here at Woods Creek! This week in shared reading we read an AMAZING book titled Freedom school. Yes! This book is about a girl named Jolie, and how she adjusts to the idea of a freedom school in her community! At the beginning of this text, she was very bitter and skeptical about Annie, (The white teacher from up north,) And the Freedom school. But, suddenly, the unthinkable happens, some people are against  the idea of educating African Americans, try to put fear into the lives of the community of Chicken Creek by burning down their beloved church, and also hurt Annie in order to stop the freedom school from coming! But nevertheless, Jolie musters up all of her courage to to try to save Annie, and the new Freedom school. At the end, Jolie finally realizes that she needs education, and now is not afraid to help change happen / begin. What a GREAT book!

Another thing that has been exciting for the Barrett crew this week, was that we earned our 5th golden paw, which means that in all, we now have earned 127 single paws! We decided to celebrate our golden paw by playing a game of capture the pins, and even Mrs. Barrett joined in to play too!  It was a tight game, but in the end, Blue had 3 pins left and Red had 2. But, it does not really matter. What matters is that we all had  fun!

Go team Barrett!

Nolan and Brendon reported….

This week in Mrs. Barrett’s class we did a lot of cool thing’s. This week we started science and are working on mixtures and solutions. There was a lot of great things, for example we used a funnel which helped us separate different mixtures and solutions. Another fun thing we did this week was SHARED READING!  We read a book that was called Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughter and it is about two sisters and they are very beautiful, in fact the most beautiful of them all. The story takes place in the Africa, the two sisters names are Nyasha and Manyara. There was a mean one and a really nice one. The nice one was named Nyasha and the mean one is Manyara. And one day the king asked the two women to go to the castle and one will be the wife,  But Manyara knew that the king would want to pick Nyasha so Manyara tried her hardest to not make Nyasha go. So Manyara snuck out during the middle of the night and took a journey to the castle for she can be the queen. That is as far as we got in the story. That story was very good after we finished. We also read a story and it was called Henry’s Freedom Box. That was one of the best stories we have ever read. It was about a boy that was named Henry and he was a slave. But then when he got older married a girl and had kids. But then one day he was taken away fromfamily and never seen. He did not give up just then, he needed to be free. So one day he crawled in a box and was of to the free world. He lived a happy life after that.That is some of the fun things that we did this week!

This WEEK  the UMAC world was awesome! First, we started our new unit in science, called… Mixtures And Solutions! We GOT INTO GROUPS AND DID SOME PRETTY COOL EXPERIMENTS. I COULD TELL EVERYBODY HAD ENJOYED SCIENCE THIS WEEK. Our experiments were different from every other unit and it made us dig deeper. We WERE VERY IMMERSED IN OUR LEARNING! Mrs. Barrett had thought of some cool experiments that all of us enjoyed.We can’t wait for next week.

By Stacie

Another thing we enjoyed was learning about fairy tales. We read two fairy tale books and now we are going to write our own, modern day, fairy tales!! Our shared reading book and guided reading books were also fairy tales that our class enjoyed! Boy, there is so much to tales to tell. Lots of us even read fairy tales as WEB books.

Also, our school play Honk J.R is coming up next week and now, instead of specials, we are rehearsing so the play will turn out nicely. All of the equipment is set up in the gym and we are all fascinated by how much there is. This is Mr. Muehling’s first play so we are on our very best behavior.    


By: Trini Feng and Genta Mahmuti

This week in Mrs. Barrett’s UMAC class, we tried out a new way of MAP testing. We actually did it differently this year, by using iPads! A lot of people in our class — even Mrs. Barrett! — preferred the iPads in the library to the computers in the lab. For our class only took 2 days for us to finish our MAP tests. Usually, it takes the whole school 2-3 weeks to complete MAP testing, not including make-up tests, but if we don’t include make-up tests for this round of MAP testing, it only takes a week for the whole school to complete MAP testing. We really prefer this new system to the old one, and we are looking forward to how we do MAP tests later on!

Also in Shared Reading this week we started a new book called, Tucket’s Travels by Gary Paulsen. This book is about a fifteen-year-old boy named Francis Tucket who’s traveling in the Great Plains with two children named Lottie and Billy. The Comancheros, a group of outlaws, are trying to chase them because the children can be sold into slavery. We discussed sequence of events and also what would be more dangerous — a tremendous thunderstorm or being chased by outlaws. What do you think is more dangerous?

In conclusion, this week was a very busy one. In addition to our week of MAP testing, which caused us to have to shift around our schedule, we had many activities going on at the same time — such as reading Tucket’s Travels in Shared Reading, among other things. This week was fantastic!

Here is some great information from Kate and Justin!

We learned today that when Aaron was listening to his teacher read, he was amazed on what one book could hold.  When Mr. Hunter was done reading Aaron couldn’t sleep that night because he needed to know what came next in the book!  So then when when he got older, he became an very famous author. And he thought to himself, “How did  I start from being a kid of hating books so much and grow up as an famous author?”

 If you are wondering “How did this crazy author come up with Creepy Carrots”?It was weird because he told us a secret and the secret was that he liked to be scared. Well Aaron loved the movie Twilight Zone and thought “Hmmmmm I should write a book like twilight Zone?” Aaron was thinking “Should I have… ALIENS?!” then he thought no, then he thought “ZOMBIES?!”, no he thought, and then came up with Creepy Carrot!

Now we will tell you about the writing process and how the writing process goes. So first, there is the author that writes the book, comes up with the ideas then calls the illustrator.  The publisher tells them about the book and sometimes your book can get denied or say we don’t want to turn your book into a real book. Now one more crazy fact, did you know that Aaron has never met any of his illustrators?  This is what we did today,  and we had a lot of fun.     

     STUDENTS IN THE NEWS BY: Charlie And Katie

This week was one of the best weeks ever!!!  in shared reading we read a very interesting book called The Summer my Father was Ten.  This Realistic Fiction story was about a boy who lives next door to a man named Mr. Bellavista who planted a garden in the empty lot next to the apartment they live in.  One day while the father and his friends were playing baseball, the ball flew into Mr. Bellavista’s garden.  When the father went to get the ball and saw the tomatoes he decided to take one and use it instead of the ball.  Hboys started doing it as well.   Soon they were all uprooting the garden and throwing the vegetables everywhere.  Then, suddenly Mr. BellaVista came out.  The text says; “They were shouting and yelling so much that they never heard Mr. BellaVista coming.  But when Nicky stopped laughing and stood still, eyes wide and staring, my father turned and saw his neighbor.  He was shaking his head and saying something in Italian. He looked at the walls, splattered with tomatoes and peppers, and at my father and his friends, and said just one word- why?”  After that the other boys left leaving my father alone.  Then the next summer my father helped Mr. Bellivasta make a garden.  They soon became good friends.  Sadly, Mr. Bellivata ended up dying. However once he did that, all the other


In conclusion this has been a great week!  I can’t wait for next week.  It will be a lot of fun.

Here is some insight into social studies for the week of Sept. 28th. Our reporters Isabel and Ryan were certainly insightful!

This week in social studies, we were learning about why the Europeans left for the New World. In the chapter we are diving for artifacts that have sunken in a shipwreck. We were looking for why these artifacts were useful to the Europeans. So far we have found out that all the artifacts have something important about them. For example, gold was important to Europeans because it was used to build up a king’s and queen’s treasury. Also, a compass was important because it guided people where they were going and at night it helps them when they can’t see as well. The Europeans left for the New World because Columbus had found it by boat unexpectedly so when the other Europeans heard the news the left for it to.  Tobacco is one of the other artifacts that the Europeans use and it became a huge cash crop because of how popular it was. Europeans found a lot of new things when they were at the new world like tomatoes, gold and other riches,  more food like corn, and people living their,(Native Americans.)  It was good to learn why the Europeans left for the New World because we could have a response about it and we could have this for background knowledge.

Our reporters Abby and Dayton wanted to share for the week of Sept. 21.

On Thursday, we had our first trip to Cub’s Corner. We were going to spend our savings, but many team members decided to save their money. When our class took the trip to the stage, we were able to buy: bracelets, stuffed animals, bookmarks and erasers. There were coupons that many of our classmates are hoping to buy next month since they cost more money. We love Cub’s Corner because we get cool prizes for our good behavior. We hope to earn more Cub’s Cash and saving it so we can go shopping. Thank you Woods Creek, we love PBIS!

Here is some news from Kailey and Ellie during the week of Sept. 17.

This week we read a story titled, Storm Warriors. It was about a boy named Nathan whose dream was to be a surfman. But his father didn’t want him to risk his life saving people from shipwrecks. Nathan studied medical books and this proved to be helpful when he was helping the surfman. Nathan decided he might no longer want to be a surfman and realizedthat he could still help people. He would be a doctor instead.

We inferred that because he helped Arthur when he had hypothermia. Nathan learned throughout the story that courage doesn’t always mean strength.

Our team realized that the big idea was to not doubt yourself, and let your instinct be your guide.

Our reporters Sydney and Piper shared for the week of Sept. 4.  Here is their news…

This year has gotten off with something new called PBIS. We have learned so much about why our school is using it and it has been an amazing addition. Our school is becoming more “PAWsitive” because of it. Every time we are quiet in the hall, or are making good choices for our teachers, substitutes and fine arts teachers, we earn a positive paw. We can even earn Cubs Cash when we are making good decisions, being responsible, respectful and safe.

We learned about PBIS during the first week of school. We went around the building and learned expected behaviors in different locations. There was also an assembly showing us what we could earn with our Cubs Cash at Cubs Corner each month.  Raffle tickets are another way to spend our money. It has been fun earning our own money in the hall, putting away playground equipment and being good students.

PBIS is really helping children all throughout Woods Creek School. We think PBIS is helping our school and it is going to be great!









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