April 29, 2016: Vienna and Kennedy explain our new American Hero project! 

SITN - Vienna and Kennedy


March 24, 2016: Braden and C.J. share their excitement for book clubs!

SITN - CJ and Braden

March 11, 2016: Kaylee and Abby share about two exciting things we did this week! 

SITN - Abby and Kaylee

March 4, 2016: Brandon and Autumn share new information about The Boston Tea Party. 

SITN - Brandon and Autumn

February 19, 2016: Bree and Jaden report on our Colonial Williamsburg tour. 

SITN - Bree and Jaden

February 12, 2016: Braden and JJ shared the new information we learned on Thursday about colonial Williamsburg.

SITN - JJ and Braden (1)

February 5, 2016: Colton and Vienna report about our science experiments this week!

SITN - Vienna and Colton

January 29, 2016: JJ and Cameron share details from our science investigations in Mixtures and Solutions and the journey of West Africans slaves.

SITN - Cam and JJ

January 22, 2016: Joe and Autumn reflect about the hardships slaves faced. 

SITN - Joe and Autumn


December 10, 2015: Katelyn and Kennedy share about the Early English settlements.

SITN - Katelyn Kennedy



November 13, 2015: Kaylee and Brandon report on our opinion writing piece. 

SITN - Brandon and Kaylee

October 30, 2015: Kiara and Abby report on our Native American field trip!

SITN - Kiara and Abby

October 16, 2015: Kaitlyn and Nathan deliciously report about our special classroom fundraiser reward!

SITN - Kaitlyn and Nathan


October 9, 2015: Jackson and Travis shared their thoughts about our shared reading text, Encounter, by Jane Yolen. 

SITN - Travis and Jackson

October 2, 2015: Bree and Josh give their report about underwater archeology from the depths of sea!SITN - Bree and Josh

September 25, 2015: CJ and Kenneth reported on Woods Creek’s PBIS Cubs Corner store! 

Untitled drawingSeptember 18, 2015: Our first reporters are Jaden and Leah. Find out what they have to say about literacy work stations! 

SITN - Leah and Jaden

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