8/23/14 Wow!  ITS HERE!!  The first day of school is two days away.  Parents, I have updated the syllabus and curriculum page so that you now have our district curriculum posted under the “For Parents” tab.  I do not have the syllabus ready yet, because I want to make the changes needed, and connect all aspects of our syllabus to the curriculum and that is going to take some time.  I hope within the next week or so, I hope to have up through the Winter Break completed and posted for you, and I will give it to the students at their first lesson.  Our curriculum looks quite extensive and seems like a lot when you consider that we have essentially 27 classes to actually teach everything in our curriculum.  The good thing is, much of the curriculum is reinforced in the morning band rehearsals.

Students, be ready and bring the Marching Music with you to band rehearsals on Monday Morning!!  We will play through at least one of the songs, probably two or three of the songs the first day. Also, the cubbies are in, numbered and EVERY Wind Instrument (INCLUDING the flutes and oboes!!) have a cubby which to store their instrument!! YAY!!! I am SO EXCITED FOR MONDAY!!

September 5 is the home football game @ CLS!!

Parents you MUST sign out your child from the CLS Cafeteria.  (Are there any parent volunteers willing to be the attendance person for us?)   We will all meet in the cafeteria at CLS at the  conclusion of the halftime show. Parents (or older siblings) you must meet your child in the CLS cafeteria and sign them out.  NO child will be dismissed without an adult or older sibling WITH the LMS student at the time of check out.

Rehearsal September 3,  5:30PM-7:30PM

Itinerary for September 5:
4:30  Show up ready to rehearse WEARING your Purple T-shirt and Jeans.
4:35  Line Up for rehearsal in the Ally behind the band room outside.  (Cafeteria Entrance)
4:40  Blow your face off for an hour in rehearsal
5:45  Dinner Break….provided by CLS Band Parents.  (Yay!  Pizza!!)
6:10  Brush your teeth…please don’t blow all those food boogers through the instruments!!
6:15  Line up in the Alley again
6:40  Hurry up and wait for the Sophomore game to finish
7:00  Start of Pregame….ish….hopefully…..Doo Wah Ditty, into NFL On Fox, Into Final Countdown, then Triumph…the Victors, and SSB.
7:10  Move to the stands, sit to the far NORTH END of the big giant bleachers.  Percussion and tubas in the first two rows.  Everyone else…up top, put on the seat belts.
8:15  Halftime Show……
8:26  Run out on the field….park and blow the pommie tune…run off the field after the large thunderous applause.
8:30  Half time show is over, go home.  Parents, check your child out in the CLS Cafeteria.  ALL STUDENTS MUST CHECK OUT with a parent or OLDER sibling.



I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!!  I have created a quick feedback form on Google Docs that I would like the students to fill out before the first day of classes of the 2014 school year.  Students, a link was sent to most of your google student e-mail accounts (sSTUDENT ID @ d47s.org for those of you who forgot what your e-mail account was.  You’ll have to sign in to your google drive account in order for it to save correctly I believe.  I can compile the list on an automatic spreadsheet and use when planning my lessons in the fall.  Please fill it out, and submit it.  The link can also be used from here.  You’ll have to highlight and right click on it in order to follow the link. <iframe src=”https://docs.google.com/a/d47.org/forms/d/1iPxXUXyPpzMfVbR_DLwMAY8cimPuTFh-lcBGicz61Io/viewform?embedded=true” width=”760″ height=”500″ frameborder=”0″ marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″>Loading…</iframe>


FACT:  In the united states we spend more per student per year to incarcerate a juvenile, than we do educating Americas children.  Sometimes that disparity is absolutely staggering.  In Illinois our average cost per public school student  is $10,000 while the cost per inmate at a juvenile detention center is more than $85,000.  (Connecticut spends $15,000 per student in it’s public schools, yet spends $330,000 to incarcerate a juvenile.)  There are education programs that have a better rate at making sure that young people do not return to prison. Interesting concept.  Hmmm…educating our youth actually has better results…….and we wonder why our country is falling so far behind others. Look at the chart below for some of the statistics I’ve found.   I cannot seem to find state costs for incarcerating America’s youth for 2011.   The last numbers I have for state spending on Education are from 2011 as well.  All I can find are Averages, and Average state cost of incarceration in 2011 were $88,000 per year.  Average education spending is somewhere around $10,000 per year.

State Spending for Incarceration vs. Education

  2007 2007 2011 2011
State Per Day  Incarceration Education Incarceration Education
Alaska $137 $50,082 $12,324 $16,674
Alabama $252 $91,980 $8,398 $8,813
Arizona $314 $114,610 $7,338 $7,666
California $68 $24,638 $8,952 $9,139
Colorado $161 $58,765 $8,286 $8,724
Connecticut $726 $264,990 $13,659 $15,600
Georgia $200 $73,000 $9,102 $9,253
Illinois $233 $85,001 $9,596 $10,774
Indiana $154 $56,130 $9,080 $9,370
Louisiana $387 $141,299 $8,937 $10,723
Maine $412 $150,398 $11,644 $11,438
Maryland $229 $83,585 $11,975 $13,871
Michigan $391 $142,715 $9,922 $10,823
Mississippi $427 $155,676 $7,459 $7,928
Missouri $133 $48,545 $8,848 $9,410
Nebraska $173 $63,145 $10,068 $10,825
New Jersey $174 $63,510 $16,163 $15,968
North Carolina $262 $95,630 $4,887 $8,312
North Dakota $146 $53,290 $8,671 $11,420
Ohio $216 $78,840 $9,940 $11,223
Oklahoma $159 $58,020 $7,430 $7,587
Pennsylvania $362 $132,130 $10,905 $13,467
Rhode Island $59 $21,517 $13,453 $13,815
South Dakota $220 $80,223 $8,805 $11,420
Utah $195 $71,175 $5,706 $6,212
Virginia $280 $102,200 $10,214 $10,364
West Virginia $227 $82,855 $9,727 $11,846
Wisconsin $259 $94,535 $10,367 $11,774
Wyoming $24 $8,921 $13,266 $15,849


You are hearing many things right now about standards, teacher quality, testing, student growth, and probably most often, about how much the United States is falling behind in comparison to other countries in math and reading (or Language Arts).   The NCLB law had AYP in Math and Reading minimum growth achievements.  Students were tested every year in Math, Language Arts, and Science.  As a country, we are focusing our efforts in Math and Reading to boost those results, so that we are not falling behind.  Unfortunately, we are pressing such importance on those two areas, that everything else is becoming “unimportant” in many minds of adults, administrators, and even other teachers across the entire country.   What people fail to realize, is that when you minimize the importance of subjects being taught, you also minimize the education of every child.  When you prioritize one subject over another, you are doing a great disservice to the children, and eventually to the country.  In order to maximize student growth, you must also maximize every students’ education.  That includes a comprehensive study of the arts and foreign language in our schools. I am proud to work in District 47 for the programs we offer, and the fantastic support we get from our school board and administration.  I am most proud of the fact that at Lundahl, we have an outstanding faculty that work VERY hard for the benefit of every student that attends school in this building.


The year is moving along!!  It’s already November.  That means Oktoberfest Season is OVER!!!  Yay for Mr. Guynes.  I can hang up my liederhosen for at least a little while.  This year we had 80 performances in 60 days.  Some were small concerts, some were just small ensembles (2 – 3) some performances we used all 10 of us.  It was an excellent season, and we hope some of you were able to get out and hear some of our music.  We traveled an awful lot too.  We had gigs in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Quad Cities. Students all have their music for their December concerts and should have plenty to practice.  Gold Band for sure has some tough pieces.  Curtain Call and Danse Bohemien are technically very difficult.  Russian Christmas Music, is an Alfred Reed piece.  Some of you may even know the piece.  If the students aren’t exhausted and out of breath after they play the piece, then they didn’t play it right.   9/17/13 The Marching Season is almost over!!  The CLS Football game is on Friday.  8th Grade Students are required to attend and it is highly recommended for the 7th Grade Students.  Any Gold or Purple Band Student who wishes to attend can attend if they’ve been coming to rehearsals with the Gold Band in the mornings.

8th grade students are required to attend, and this is a highly recommended for our 7th grade.   All students who attend will receive 10 points extra credit for their grade as well.  Parents who attend will have to pay the $4 entrance fee to the stadium, but students who participate will not.  On September 20th, students should arrive at CLS ready to rehearse and perform at 4:30.    The kids should wear jeans and their purple LMS Band T-Shirt for this performance.  Students are free to leave after the halftime show has ended, which is usually somewhere around 8:30 PM.   If it is raining, we will not march but we won’t make that decision until right before game time if the weather is “iffy”.
 Parents you MUST sign out your child from the CLS Cafeteria with.Mr. Martinkus…. who will be holding the  clipboard.  We will all meet in the cafeteria at CLS at the  conclusion of the halftime show, parents (or older siblings) you must meet your child in the CLS cafeteria and sign them out.  NO child will be dismissed without an adult or older sibling.  Mr. Martinkus is in charge of the clipboard for the checkouts, so you will all need to see him before your child is dismissed.


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